Despite less than three decades of winemaking under its belt, Yarden Wine boasts medals, trophies, and acclaim from annual competitions like London’s International Wine Challenge and Chicago’s Beverage Testing Institute World Wine Championship. Yarden Wine is made in Golan Heights, a high-altitude area ideal for expressing the distinct Mediterranean complexities of the Galilee appellation. The company has racked up over 50 awards since its first gold medal win in 1987, most recently triumphing at the prestigious French Citadelles du Vin and Challenge International du Vin competitions. Put simply, Yarden Wine has come a long way from Katzrin.
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Yarden Viognier 2011

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The Transcendence of Yarden Wines

Yarden Wines focuses on the elevation of their grapes’ natural terroir, or intrinsic topography- and climate-based flavor characteristics, rather than the manipulation of their ingredients. Tales from Benedictine and Cisterian orders claim monks even would taste a region’s soil itself. With this dedication in mind, chief winemaker and U.C. Davis viticulture graduate Victor Schoenfeld has taken a scientific approach to the harvest and fermentation processes of Yarden Wines since 1992. Schoenfeld, along with a team of internationally-trained associates and state of the art winemaking technology, exacts the terroir expressions showcased in Yarden Wines’ spicy-nosed Pinot Noir and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, without disrupting the grapes’ natural development.

Yarden Winery Merges Undisturbed Terroir with Innovative Precision

Yarden Winery refers to their biography as their "genesis, " which speaks to their principle of gently nurturing a pure, flawless product. The Yarden Winery team’s non-intrusive guidance of their ingredients reaches full expression in their Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and other varieties. Uncork the company’s rich Viognier, Citadelles du Vin winner with an incredible QPR at $16.99, or pair The Wine Advocate ‘s 88 point-scoring Yarden Merlot with a broccoli and Gruyere gratin for a cozy night in. Elevate your spirit with a transcendent Yarden Wine.