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    Rabbi Shlomo Itzhaki, commonly known by the acronym Rashi, was a French Rabbi in the eleventh century when he wrote a comprehensive commentary on both the Talmud and the Tanakh. In addition to writing the quintessential Talmud commentary, included in every printing since the original pressing in the sixteenth century, Rashi is believed to have been a vinter, keeping pristine vineyards, producing his own wine and possibly selling it as well. Today, he lends his name to Rashi Wine, an Italian based kosher winery with additional production in New York and California.

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    Rashi Moscato D' Asti
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    Rashi Claret

    Perhaps Rashi’s most popular wine is the delectable Rashi Claret, a semi-sweet and fruity red wine with an exceptionally smooth finish. Featuring notes of plum with a balancing acidity and a silky smooth mouthfeel, Rashi Claret pairs well with light fish or chicken dishes, and would also make a great aperitif. With its bold flavor, it makes a great starter wine for those looking to transition away from sweeter wines into dry, but the smooth finish and exceptional flavor are enjoyed by even the most experienced palates as well.

    Rashi Wines Are Produced with the Best of Past and Present

    Rashi wines like the Black Muscat are made in the esteemed tradition of master Italian vinters, combining age old wisdom with the help of state of the art equipment to make a consistently flawless end product. Electronically controlled stainless steel casks re-create the pristine environments of Medieval oak casks, expertly fermenting the wine to perfection every time. Rashi wines take more than just their name from the famous vinter, they take their philosophy towards wine from him as well. In using the knowledge and methods of the traditional masters, paired with the best modern technology available, Rashi Winery is using the best elements from past and present to produce consistently exceptional, delicious and expertly crafted wines.