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Linger over the Late Harvest Varietals from Herzog Wine

A fine pairing with any dessert, the Late Harvest Chenin Blanc from Herzog Wine derives its uniqueness from the cool evening air of Southern California, giving the grapes two extra weeks to mature and gain in complexity before harvest. The result is a sublimely sweet pour that harkens to the Loire Valley of Central France. You will be spellbound by the long finish and golden-raisin nose, and Jwines newly reduced price of just $17.99 a bottle.

The Herzog Late Harvest Zinfandel is a delicious accompaniment to any dessert, but also makes an excellent aperitif. The additional natural sweetness derived from the extended growing period makes the Late Harvest Zinandel from Herzog wines sugary but not overpowering, allowing the subtle hints of blackberry and strawberry to reveal themselves in a delicately long finish.

Herzog Special Reserve Makes Each Bottle an Occasion

The Herzog Special Reserve Russia River Chardonnay is an incredible bottle that gets its start in the fabled Russia River wine country of California and just gets better. Herzog Wine has crafted an excellent chardonnay that blows away your expectations of what a kosher wine can be. The tropical fruit flavors compliment a wonderful hint of oak spice and rich texture that pairs perfectly with seafood, pasta, or just a relaxing evening among friends.

The award winning Herzog Special Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon comes to your table by way of Sonoma County—home to some of the finest wine in the world. This delicious Cabernet rivals the best that California wine country has to offer with notes of raspberry and licorice for a complex finish that you’ll love with any meat dish or other heavy meal.