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Castel Wine from the Judean Hills

Castel Wine is made in the mountains outside of Jerusalem, where wine drinking remains a holy experience to this day. Inspired by the vinous traditions of their ancestors, the multi-generational Domaine du Castel Winery team counts themselves lucky to grow, harvest, and age their grapes so close to Israel’s Temple Mount—and the pride in their heritage is apparent in every bottle they produce. From their initial "Grand Vin" to their unexpectedly-spicy Castel Rose, Eli Ben Zaken and his sons Eytan and Ariel have used and continue to use only the best ingredients, barrels, and other materials to ensure the utmost quality in their wines—right down to the cork.

Castel Rose and Other Family-Made Varieties

Castel Rose is perhaps Domained du Castel’s best-known variety, with its fruity complexities and pleasantly-herbaceous kick, but the winery’s other bottles prove it’s no fluke. Between Domaine Du Castel’s berry-packed Petite Castel, their refreshing “C” Blanc du Castel, and their original earthy Grand Vin, the family offers an exquisite bottle for every special occasion on your calendar.

When making the decision to make wine full time, Eli Ben Zaken considered Winston Churchill’s famous quote: “[I was] walking with destiny, and… I was sure I should not fail.” His brainchild now embodies that great destiny, without leaving the end result of Castel Wines up to chance.

Use your free will to carve out a little piece of destiny when you order a lovingly-made bottle of Domaine du Castel today.