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    Cantina Gabriele

    Cantina Gabriele utilizes grapes from two diverse vineyards, one in Pontina and one in Terracina, to create wines that feature all the classic Italian notes. The high quality land combined with the latest technology like soft presses, steel tanks, and small autoclaves ensures that each grape adds its best flavors, colors, and tannins to the wine.

    The producer offers a wide range of wines, including still and sparkling wines, red and whites, and a number of varietals and blends. The brand is dedicated to providing consumers with all of the above at affordable prices, which is why all bottles of Cantina Gabriele can be ordered from JWines for less than $20 apiece. Browse our selection below or read more about wines from Cantina Gabriele!

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    Cantina Gabriele Cabernet Sauvignon
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    Flavorful Reds from Cantina Gabriele Winery

    Cantina Gabriele Winery takes advantage of its Italian vineyards to create red wines that are bursting with taste and flavor. The 2010 Merlot is a delightful red with aromas of oak and dark fruit and flavors of cocoa and ripe raspberry. It pairs exceptionally well with simple Italian dishes like pizza or pasta.

    The 2010 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Cantina Gabriele Winery is a full-bodied wine with smooth and silky tannins. It has a deep purplish ruby color and soft aromas of black cherry that go well with its flavors of blackcurrant and mild vanilla. It can be paired with a basic meal of pot roast or pizza, or served at dinner parties to friends and family.

    Cantina Gabriele Wine with any Meal

    JWines’ selection of Cantina Gabriele wine incorporates a number of classic varietals that are ideal for almost any occasion. Many of the producer’s creations, like the Merlot or the Spumante Bianco, pair exceptionally well with Italian foods like meatballs and spaghetti, pizza, or pasta. Others, like the frizzante Moscato 2011 or the 2010 Sangiovese, can be used at any meal or event.

    Cantina Gabriele wine is not limited solely to classics. The Vino White, for example, is a unique creation from Cantina Gabriele that is similar to a Moscato, with a deep straw-yellow color and hints of tropical fruits, apricot, and sage. Its counterpart, the Vino Red, is a super sweet, ruby red wine filled with scents of raspberry and strawberry that pairs perfectly with sugary appetizers and deserts. Whatever the occasion or menu, Jwines has an affordable Cantina Gabriele wine that will perfectly complement the meal.