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Altoona Hills Winery

Australia is famous for its shiraz, and the varietal from Altoona Hills Winery is no exception. Everything about the winery’s Mevushal Shiraz evokes Harlem Renaissance-esque art and jazz, from the stained glass-inspired label to the perfectly off-the-cuff juxtaposition of black pepper with blackberry and chocolate notes. Straddling the line of refined expert knowledge and a thirst for adventure, Altoona Hills Winery’s spicy oak-laced Cabernet/Shiraz and aromatic mint and berry-filled Cabernet/Merlot both contain a healthy crescendo of mazal. Delicious with cuisine from steak and linguini to spicy stir fry with peppers and seitan, wines from Altoona Hills lend just the right panache to meals any night of the week.

Altoona Hills Wine

Inspired by an artistic epicenter of the world, Altoona Hills Wine is a master of improvisation. The company’s luscious chardonnay is ideal for the culinary Coltranes of the oenophile ranks, resonant both in the glass and in an unexpected herb-cream sauce. The varietal’s pear-filled bouquet and buttery texture make for perfect harmony over baked chicken with goat cheese.

Hoping to inject some jazz into your life, Maestro? Create a master composition when you uncork a bottle of Altoona Hills Wine tonight.