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    Top 5 wines under $20

    Posted on May 29, 2012 by Jwines There have been 1 comment(s)

    You find yourself in line (or online) again wondering what wine you should bring home this week. Something different you tell yourself as your eyes scan the seemingly endless rows of wine, after a few minutes you feel more clueless than you did on your first day of school.
    We’ve put together a little list of our top 5 wines under $20, consider it our little cheat sheet for you.

    1) Binyamina Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $18.99
    Binyamina Reserve is considered the flagship label of Binyamina winery, with a rich 60-year history that’s saying something. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is a lovely full-bodied wine that will really come to life in your mouth. Its heady flavor pairs excellently with hard cheeses.

    Exploding onto the wine scene in 2005 Shiloh Winery has quickly accumulated gold medals at prestigious international wine expos. Their Chardonnay is the perfect white wine for any day occasions. Its wonderfully fruity flavors will bring a smile to friends and family alike.

    3) Barkan Barrel Aged Pinotage $18.99
    Still a young winery, having only opened its doors in 1990, Barakan is quickly distinguishing itself on the wine market, their Reserve Barrel Aged Pinotage is simply put, delicious. It’s delicate plum and oak aromas go wonderfully with grilled or sauced chicken and fish dishes.

    4) Dalton Cannan Red $15.99
    Dalton Canaan Red is a nice middle way to go, it’s a medium body from the upper Galilee, growing at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. This volcanic plateau with its optimum soil conditions and unique climate provide the ideal conditions for the grapes, leaving a nice fruity wine that pairs well with pizza and pasta.

    5) Teperberg Meritage $18.99
    Stretching all the way back to 1870 the Teperberg winery focused mostly on sweeter sacramental wine, though in the past decade they’ve begun to roll out some great dry’s, they are one to watch. We’d recommend trying their Teperberg Meritage it’s a deep flavorful bottle that will be happy to make your acquaintance.


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    1 Response to Top 5 wines under $20

    • Josh says:

      I have not tasted the Teperberg Meritage of the Shiloh Chardonnay; however, I have tried the Dalton Cannan and the Binyamina Reserve and they are two of the best wines for under $20 on the market today!

      Posted on May 29, 2012 at 3:18 pm