white wine

Some time ago we examined a few wines of the red variety that you should know about, e.g. Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Merlot.  In this blog post we will discuss a few of the white wines you might be interested in if you are just starting out drinking wine.

Moscato.  Easily the most well-known white wine available, its popularity is due to its sweet and fruity taste.  Commonly grown in Austria, Italy, and the Rhone valley, Moscato is best sipped without food but can be paired with dessert.

Riesling. Another well-known variety of white wine, Riesling wines taste better with age.  The crispiness of the wine pairs well with salmon and dry versions are great with pork and chicken dishes.  Riesling is commonly grown in Germany, the Eastern United States, and California.

Chardonnay.  A popular white wine in the 1990′s, Chardonnay wines boast wider-bodied tastes with a citrusy flavor.  Each taste also comes with a hint of vanilla and oak.  Chardonnay is the principle wine of Burgundy, France, and can be found in Oregon and Washington State, as well as Italy, Australia, and Argentina.  Chardonnays pair well with fish and poultry dishes.

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