Much is made of the origin of a certain bottle of wine. For some there is a clear bias for the wines of the French or Italians, for other the origin of the grapes is all that matters, while others see value in wines who’s origins and that of their grapes are from a wide array of areas.

The French term “terroir” (pronounced tare-WHAR) has no direct translation in English. It, vaguely, describes an area in which a vine, a vineyard or a wine itself helps to define the wine produced there in. For some the affects of the environment are quite general. Everything from elevation to the proximity of a nearby roadway might have some affect on a given batch of grapes and therefore a particular bottle of wine. For geologists on the other hand the “terroir” is almost entirely rooted in the soil.

For even some of the most avid kosher wine drinkers the possibility of terroir offering a noticeable quality difference to a particular wine seems both guaranteed to be true but often hard to quantify. That said it can be very easy to build your own conclusions simply by buying a wide range of wines online, researching their origins and sipping to understand.