Tips on Starting a Wine Tasting Club

If you are a fan of wine, then you can be sure that there are other people out there who are into wine as well.  Maybe even some friends of yours are into wine.  So thus begs the question, why not start a wine tasting club?

  Need some tips on how?  We have you covered:

  1. Pick a venue.  Your home, apartment, or rented out spot, you need a place where you all can sit down, nibble on some food, and taste/drink wine comfortably.  As a starting point, make sure the space can comfortably hold at least 6 people.
  2. Pick your members carefully.  You want to include people who are very interested in wine as you are, which means picking members who can attend month/bi-monthly meetings on a regular basis.  Start out from there and you can grow further.
  3. Send out invites.  Details about what wines will be tasted, foods, and location should be included.  Also, be sure to emphasize informality and fun!
  4. Set guidelines.  And so do at the very first meeting.  Choose the club’s meeting dates, themes for future meetings, and so on.  This is also a good point to decide how wines are chosen for each meeting; for example, each member can bring a wine or two for everyone to taste.

These are just starting points for creating your own wine tasting club.  For more useful information, stay tuned to the JWines blog.