The path to summer wine pairings

During the summer month there is plenty of opportunity to cook outdoors, but if you are simply throwing hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill three times a week, you’re missing the opportunity to experience the very best of BBQ.  Break away from the mold of grabbing a cold one. Use the summer time to be a real #jwineslover and explore some amazing wines with some of our favorite BBQ recipes.

Braised Italian Sausages with Baron Herzog Old Vine Zinfandel

Italian Sausages bring wonderful European herbs and spices and bring them to grilling time.  Braising the sausages with apple and beer is one of the simplest ways to cook outdoors with a little touch of class.  The Herzog Zinfandel has subtle fruity flavors that are refreshing on a warm summer night.

BBQ Ribs with Tulip Reserve Syrah

In my mind, ribs are the ultimate celebration of summer.  If you want to smoke ribs, a traditional BBQ dry rub is a great way to infuse flavor in the meat.  You can also try an Asian short rib marinade in the kitchen or out on the grill.  Tulip Reserve Syrah has a full body and powerful rounded flavors that compliment ribs, no matter how you serve them.

Summer steak with Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

You can make steak, or you can make steak right!  The smells and flavors of this bison steak recipe will bring your grill alive as you prep the meal and you can use the same ingredients for almost any cut of meat.  Bring this dish to the table with the mind-bendingly intense flavors of the Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for a memorable dinner for the best of friends.

Lamb Burgers with Tishbi Estate Shiraz

Lamb is full of flavor and there are plenty of ways to way to make a perfect summer lamb dish.  A burger of ground lamb, rather than ground beef is rich with flavors that marry well with mint and parsley. When you make a batch of lamb burgers I recommend pairing them with the Tishbi Estates Shiraz.  This wine is also enjoyable with rich flavors like strong cheeses and rich red wine sauces.

BBQ Chicken with Kayoumi White Riesling

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly grilled piece of chicken.  As you cut through into the chicken the smell of the BBQ sauce sends a message to your taste buds as the juices of the chicken run clear.  If you’ve got leftover chicken, take it the next level with BBQ Chicken Pizza and both of these dishes can be served with a Kayoumi White Riesling which has a crisp sense of citrus and apples.

Cajun Chicken with Tishbi Gewutraminer

Save this Cajun Chicken for one of the cooler nights of summer and serve it with a watermelon salsa and Tishbi’s Gewurztraminer. This dry white table wine is the perfect compliment to the spice of a cajun dish.

Photo: CCBY Flickr johnjoh