You have the wine, now, what to put it in? On too many occasions I have been served wine in plastic cups, to my horror and chagrin, it’s like serving warm beer on a hot day. (Shudder)

Enter the wine glass, the chariot that will bring those yummy fermented grapes to your mouth. Your classic wine glass has three parts the bowl, stem, and foot.

The Foot

The foot is what holds your glass up when you put it down, though, in my opinion one should never let go of their glass.

The Stem

Next comes the stem, this part’s important, you hold your glass by the stem so as not warm the wine by cupping the bowl, and thus altering its flavor.

Red, Red Wine

Listening? Here’s the important stuff, when serving red you will want to use a wider bowl, allowing more air in, this process of oxidation alters the flavor and aroma allowing you to taste the wine at its greatest potential.

The White Stuff

White wine is lighter, and fresher, you want to preserve the crisp, clean flavor, therefore you will want to use a wine glass with a smaller mouth, which reduces surface area and in turn, the rate of oxidation.

Something Bubbly

Finally, when serving sparkling wine or champagne use a flute glass, in order to keep that sparkle everyone loves.