It’s time to try something new

Time for something new

Ask any wine maker, they’ll tell you how wine takes time.  You have to give the grapes love and attention, give them time to mature and at the right time, something wonderful will happen.  We’re doing something similar here at Jwines.  The new look of the Grapevine blog is just the first step in creating a community of JWine lovers who want to share what they are drinking, whenever they are drinking it.

The new look of our blog isn’t the only new thing you can experience this month.  We’re giving every JWine lover the chance to try something new and it’s on the house.  That’s right — a new bottle, a fresh flavor, and you don’t need to pay for the bottle.

Free kosher wine #jwineslover

If you’re on our email list, you’ll know about this month’s special.  Place your order before midnight on Monday July 29, and you can choose one free bottle of wine from our favorites.

When you place your order choose your free bottle by leaving a note in your order comments, and let us know what you’re enjoying using the hashtag #jwineslover.  Who knows, one lucky Facebook or Twitter fan might get another treat on the house!

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Photo credit: CC-BY hlkljgk, Flickr