When it comes to wine pairings this Thanksgiving there are no hard fast rules really. While many folks favor dry white wines with their turkey dinner with all the trimmings, some have begun to make the case red wines at the Thanksgiving table. The reason that red wines work against conventional wisdom is that, for most of us, cranberry sauce is an integral part of our holiday meals. The red pairs nicely with this dominant flavor as the cranberries pair well with the turkey itself.

For those of us sticking with the more traditional white kosher wine Thanksgiving pairing the reasons are also clear. The dry mouthfeel is a great compliment to the moisture of the turkey, especially when it is swimming in gravy.

For most of us the flavors of a full Thanksgiving dinner are all about diversity. You have sweetness, bitterness, saltiness and everything in between in one place. The diverse fruity flavors in the best wines will make the flavor combination even more fulfilling without barreling over the food at the center of the meal.

All in all what you want are some user friendly wines. The focus here is on food and family not the priciest vintage available. Choices to buy a satisfying Thanksgiving wine online abound at JWines.com.