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It’s time to try something new

Time for something new Ask any wine maker, they’ll tell you how wine takes time.  You have to give the grapes love and attention, give them time to mature and at the right time, something wonderful will happen.  We’re doing something similar here at Jwines.  The new look of the Grapevine blog is just the […]

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Visiting the Israeli wine scene – 20 wineries in 10 days

Over the past decade, the kosher wine scene in the US has moved away from it’s reputation of sweet sacramental red, into a more refined and attractive domain. Israeli wines have led this chance and last month, Jwines founder and CEO, Dovid Pereleman, took to Israel for a ten day tour where he visited more […]

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Best Jewish Wines of Spring

The weather is warming as spring has officially arrived, but that is not the only thing that is changing. Seasonal changes have significant implications for the world of wine, in more ways than one. For starters, anyone who knows anything about wine knows that grapes are temperamental. They’ll also know the subject of the soil, […]

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Kosher Wine International: A Special Blend

Anyone who has enjoyed wine has tasted blended wine. It is among the most common practice in winemaking. Blending wine means mixing different grapes or wines.  Let’s discuss some wines that not only blend grapes, they blend traditions.

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The Truth About Wine and Age

Much is made of the age of wines, but laymen and amateur wine collectors often do not understand the specific requirements to allow wine to age correctly. Kosher wine is a complicated combination of patient distillation and natural maturation. Knowing exactly how to influence those factors is what makes the best winemakers and it keeps […]

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