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The Truth About Wine and Age

Much is made of the age of wines, but laymen and amateur wine collectors often do not understand the specific requirements to allow wine to age correctly. Kosher wine is a complicated combination of patient distillation and natural maturation. Knowing exactly how to influence those factors is what makes the best winemakers and it keeps [...]

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Better Corkscrews and Other Tools for Your Wine Bar

As you well know, JWines is an excellent resource for stocking your bar with some of the most delicious and well known kosher wines on the market. There is a wealth of options from the easy-to-drink Rosa Cardova Rioja to a Yarden Odem Chardonnay, a beloved pear scented Israeli wine. Everything on the wine spectrum [...]

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What Is A Wine's Terroir?

Much is made of the origin of a certain bottle of wine. For some there is a clear bias for the wines of the French or Italians, for other the origin of the grapes is all that matters, while others see value in wines who’s origins and that of their grapes are from a wide [...]

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Musing for wine choosing

The Dilemma So you need to impress the future in laws with a bottle of wine, or you were chosen to pick up a couple of bottles for your friends party. Where do you start?

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Top 5 wines under $20

You find yourself in line (or online) again wondering what wine you should bring home this week. Something different you tell yourself as your eyes scan the seemingly endless rows of wine, after a few minutes you feel more clueless than you did on your first day of school.

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White wine and sunshine

White wine and sunshine Ahh, spring at last, days in the park, backyard BBQ’s, the gentle breeze tickling your hair. What better way to relax and unwind than to sit around with friends and loved ones, sipping a bottle or three of crispy white wine. Here’s two of our favorite whites we know you’ll love:

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