israeli wine

As you well know, JWines is an excellent resource for stocking your bar with some of the most delicious and well known kosher wines on the market. There is a wealth of options from the easy-to-drink Rosa Cardova Rioja to a Yarden Odem Chardonnay, a beloved pear scented Israeli wine. Everything on the wine spectrum is available for some of the best prices on the market, making JWines the ideal place to stock up for family gatherings or your own personal use.

Of course, managing a home bar does not end with simply buying wine. There are also necessary tools and accoutrements that make enjoying the wine easier for you and your guests, starting with an effective bottle opener. While many wineries have moved to screw tops, the standard remains corks, which means having a corkscrew, or multiple corkscrews, is vital for operating your bar.

For a long time there were two forms of corkscrews on the market. The first was a truly basic model that required the sheer force of your own strength to provide leverage to pull the cork out of a bottle. This model, while easily stored in most kitchen drawers, is clearly not ideal. Better was the the winged version most commonly found in people’s homes these days. While these models still required a fair amount of personal strength, they were a huge leap from the aforementioned basic version of a corkscrew.

In recent years though, a new line of wine openers have come onto the market. Led by brands like Rabbit, these models use innovative engineering to make opening wine easy, with practically no effort at all.

The Original Rabbit Corkscrew has a lever that makes screwing into the cork precisely far simpler. You simply position the tool on top of the wine bottle and pull down the top lever that drives the screw into the cork. Then use the wings to pop the cork right out. It is a great tool that touts its ability to pull a cork in “three seconds flat.” These corkscrews have a wonderful reputation among wine lovers and are seen as durable, as well as effective tools.

Other tools to have at your bar, and of course available from JWines, are wine stoppers and wine pourers. Gone are the days when cracking open a good bottle of wine were its death knell. Instead, you can preserve a bottle of opened wine on the shelf for quite some time with effective wine stoppers designed to maintain the integrity of a wine. This will allow for better wine tastings and comparisons, instead of making it through marathon sessions with each bottle individually. The Rabbit Wine Preserver specifically has a gauge that lets you know if the bottle of wine is truly sealed. As the days pass by the gauge will let you know if you need to once again pump the stopper to assure continued integrity of your wine.

The Rabbit Aerating Pourer is the best on the market. It allows you to pour wine in a way that opens up all of its inert flavors with its cascading dome. Simply pop the pourer into the bottle and tilt at a 45 degree angle for the optimal wine pour available.

It is certainly true that you can enjoy wine without all of the ephemera we are describing, but if you are taking pride in a well-stocked bar, it should also be well-equipped. With the right corkscrews, bottle stoppers and pourers, you and your guests will have an easier and better time enjoying your wine collection.