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Kosher Wine International: A Special Blend

Anyone who has enjoyed wine has tasted blended wine. It is among the most common practice in winemaking. Blending wine means mixing different grapes or wines.  Let’s discuss some wines that not only blend grapes, they blend traditions.

April 17, 2013 // By : //

The Science of Wonderful Wine

Wine is a beverage that is steeped in history, having originated in the Middle East around 6,000 BC. Even as times changed, many vineyards prided themselves on their traditional approach to winemaking, continuing to use small oak barrels or even manually crushing grapes. Although this continues to be the case, most vineyards are moving to […]

February 25, 2013 // By : //

Use the Holiday To Expand Your Pallet

With two major Jewish holidays just around the corner, Pesach and Purim, many people have begun procuring wine for their celebrations. Usually this entails ordering a few cases of tried and true verities that you enjoy every year. Let us suggest something new. Why not use the holiday as an opportunity to expand you pallet? […]

February 19, 2013 // By : //

The Truth About Wine and Age

Much is made of the age of wines, but laymen and amateur wine collectors often do not understand the specific requirements to allow wine to age correctly. Kosher wine is a complicated combination of patient distillation and natural maturation. Knowing exactly how to influence those factors is what makes the best winemakers and it keeps […]

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Better Corkscrews and Other Tools for Your Wine Bar

As you well know, JWines is an excellent resource for stocking your bar with some of the most delicious and well known kosher wines on the market. There is a wealth of options from the easy-to-drink Rosa Cardova Rioja to a Yarden Odem Chardonnay, a beloved pear scented Israeli wine. Everything on the wine spectrum […]

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