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Masses of Glasses

You have the wine, now, what to put it in? On too many occasions I have been served wine in plastic cups, to my horror and chagrin, it’s like serving warm beer on a hot day. (Shudder) Enter the wine glass, the chariot that will bring those yummy fermented grapes to your mouth. Your classic […]

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Sangria – God's Nectar

Originating in Spain, sangria is the perfect drink for this summer weather. They say a glass of sangria has never been turned down. Ever. Ever, ever.

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Top 5 wines under $20

You find yourself in line (or online) again wondering what wine you should bring home this week. Something different you tell yourself as your eyes scan the seemingly endless rows of wine, after a few minutes you feel more clueless than you did on your first day of school.

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White wine and sunshine

White wine and sunshine Ahh, spring at last, days in the park, backyard BBQ’s, the gentle breeze tickling your hair. What better way to relax and unwind than to sit around with friends and loved ones, sipping a bottle or three of crispy white wine. Here’s two of our favorite whites we know you’ll love:

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Getting Acquainted – How to Taste Wine

By: Yossie’s Corkboard A very common comment I receive from subscribers to my weekly newsletter on kosher wine is that, while they enjoy drinking wine, they don’t really know much about it and can barely tell the difference between a good and a bad wine. The truth of the matter is that most people are […]

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