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How to store your wine

  The keys to aging wine are few and simple; keep it in cool, dark, and still surroundings. You can say that wine is like an unruly teenager, it needs to be left alone in its room for a while to reach maturity.

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Know your Bottle

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

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Why join a wine club?

Throughout my years as a wine junky, people often came up to me and ask with wonder: “How can I expand my wine palette?” I exhale slowly, and then stare long and hard into space before answering. 

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Corky Knowlege

Do you ever find yourself absentmindedly twirling a cork in your hand, and wonder briefly where it comes from? Happens to me all the time, so this week I decided to do some research.

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Musing for wine choosing

The Dilemma So you need to impress the future in laws with a bottle of wine, or you were chosen to pick up a couple of bottles for your friends party. Where do you start?

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Masses of Glasses

You have the wine, now, what to put it in? On too many occasions I have been served wine in plastic cups, to my horror and chagrin, it’s like serving warm beer on a hot day. (Shudder) Enter the wine glass, the chariot that will bring those yummy fermented grapes to your mouth. Your classic [...]

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