About the Early Wine Presses

As you know, wine is made from the juices that come out of grapes when they are crushed and then squeezed.  The juices are then collected and fermented in such a way as to create wine.  In the distant past creating wine most likely involved crushing them either by feet or by hand.

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Wine & Its Ancient Past

No one really knows when wine was first produced but a few scholars have posited that ancient winemaking may have been born in the area of what is now known as the country of Georgia, just northeast of Turkey. 

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White Wines You Should Know Part I

Some time ago we examined a few wines of the red variety that you should know about, e.g. Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Merlot.  In this blog post we will discuss a few of the white wines you might be interested in if you are just starting out drinking wine.

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