Getting Acquainted – How to Taste Wine

By: Yossie’s Corkboard A very common comment I receive from subscribers to my weekly newsletter on kosher wine is that, while they enjoy drinking wine, they don’t really know much about it and can barely tell the difference between a good and a bad wine. The truth of the matter is that most people are […]

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A Brief History of Kosher Wine

By: Jeff Morgan, Covenant Wines, Napa Valley The Jews may have the oldest codified relationship to wine of any people on earth, but kosher wine ironically is best known for its “unorthodox” taste. In the context of Jewish history, this dubious distinction is understandable.

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Castel Winery

This is a winery that does not like to be described as a boutique winery but as a small winery managed by a family. We believe that our success is mainly the result of our personal involvement in all aspects of the business – from viticulture to winemaking and from management to distribution. We have […]

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Psagot Wines

Psagot Winery is located in the northern Jerusalem Mountains. The region has had an abundance of vineyards and wineries since ancient times, whose remnants exist even today. The Winery’s barrel cellar is located in an ancient cave that was discovered during the process of establishing the winery. The natural damp conditions and constant temperature facilitate […]

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How To Pair Food & Wine

By : Gary Landsman The art of pairing wine and food can feel very intimidating, like many things where experts hold a title (“sommelier”) that most people can’t even pronounce (pronounced SO-Mal- YAY). But the truth is, it is very simple – drink what you like. We are all familiar with the old rule that […]

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